Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oberon Release @ Globe Theatre

My team @ Rhino Media pulled a quasi-all nighter by shooting video for the Oberon Release @ the Globe Theatre. Myself, Jonny and Jeremy all went out in hopes of capturing the event for our upcoming MI Beer Film. How could we make a film about Michigan Craft Brewing and not have the "official arrival of spring" included? Stay tuned for some updates to my blog, I'm semi-revamping it...
Such an artistic stud. This is beginning of the night @ Globe

The Stage from Funktion's Set. These guys rock!

Jer had important business to tend to...

Chelsea from Bell's Beer playing the hype girl role very well.

The first drinkers

The guys in the background are from the cast of Jersey Boys, currently @ Miller Auditorium. I have no idea who the guy looking at the camera is however.

Mayor Bobby Hopewell came out and hung with us as well!

The guys from Jersey Boys again

Some of the guys from FUNKTION! Interviewed for the MI BEER FILM!

The next morning we were back at it at Bells Eccentric Cafe!

Always down for a good shot of a well-designed coaster!